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You can now Survive & Thrive with the Help of your Personal 

Life and Wellness Coach​ 

Are you stressed about world events? Worried about work or relationships?  Burdened with care giving? 

Feel like you have lost your energy and passion for life?             

Our Life and Wellness Coaches can assist you in regaining or redefining your directions and passions. 

Coaching is a proven method in helping people to attain wellness and an improved life.

Coaching is NOT therapy and our coaches do not diagnose or prescribe medications.  Our coaches are trained to identify when your needs are beyond the scope of our Coaching practice & can refer you to a qualified Physician or Counselor as needed. However, many of our clients choose to work with our talented Life Coaches while continuing to work with a psychiatrist or psychologist.

At Surviving & Thriving we offer Affordable and Income based Services

No one needs the added stress of paying high costs for needed services if lack of income or limited income is one of your worries.

Our Coaching Services start as low as $10/per hour.

At Surviving & Thriving our Mission is to provide affordable income based coaching and our Vision is to offer our services to anyone who could benefit.

Our Life and Wellness Coaches are Certified Professionals that are skilled in listening and advocating for you. They help you identify and sort out your worries, and learn problem solving skills and relaxation methods to relieve your stress.

Together you & your Coach will make a plan to 

improve your life and regain wellness.

                      Surviving & Thriving

Founder, Shawn David, MSN, is a Certified Professional Life and Wellness Coach. She received her Bachelors from U of M and her Master's in the Family Nurse Practitioner program at Michigan Sate University. Shawn has 35+ years in the Health care field and more than 7 years experience in Coaching.

Surviving & Thriving has 5 levels of Sessions you can choose from

All perspective clients receive a 30 minute intake session at NO Charge 

to determine if we are a good fit for one another.

___________________________________________    Services Offered    ___________________________________________________

Individual "1 on 1" Sessions- Starting at $18/per hour: 

You will me​et with your Coach in person or on-line to identify areas needing improvement.

TeleHealth Phone Session appointments- audio only: $10 for 30 minutes

Small Group Sessions $12/hour. 

Group size limited to 3-5 persons. Clients agree to keep all discussions confidential.

Large Group Sessions starting at $10/hr.

Sometimes we do our best healing when we are surrounded by others who are also 

working on self improvement.

Specialty Seminars  and Clinics from $25/hr. and up, depending on event.

We even offer Equine Assisted Therapy ~

Providing freedom and empowerment, the horse is widely recognized as a powerful tool in therapy.

Surviving & Thriving

You will NOT be required to sign a contract for a set number of sessions. Your attendance is free choice.

Payments are accepted in the form of cash, credit or personal check. 

We do not accept health insurances, but since we are a 501c3 nonprofit company, you may submit your receipts to your health insurance company for possible reimbursement.

To learn more or to schedule a no cost intake session

fill out the Contact form on this website.

or call or email: 

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